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How to Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

What does it mean to rob Peter to pay Paul? In researching the origin of the meaning of this common phrase, we learn: “The expression refers to times before the Reformation when Church taxes had to be paid to St. Paul’s church in London and to St. Peter’s church in Rome; originally it referred to […]

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Bankruptcy Alternatives: Bankruptcy Is Not the Only Option

bankruptcy alternatives, family finance

When finances get tough and the creditor is at your door, you may be tempted to think that bankruptcy is your only option. But this is not always true, there are bankruptcy alternatives. Our human nature compels us to circle the wagon, so to speak. We are tempted to pretend to the outside world that […]

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Eight Warning Signs That Show You May Be Headed Toward Filing for Bankruptcy

warning signs

Do you know the warning signs of bankruptcy? It is common for many of us to get off track with our finances at least once in our lives. Many of us have good intentions to stick to our budgets, but an unexpected illness or car payment can appear, and money becomes a little tighter. Perhaps […]

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