Avoid Bankruptcy by Breaking Bad Spending Habits

spending habits, spending money

While many of our bankruptcy clients have found themselves in a crippling financial situation due to unexpected medical expenses and overwhelming student debt; bad spending habits can also be a contributing factor. Credit cards are so easy to use. And once you have reached the financial limit of one, it is relatively easy to get […]

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Overcoming Your Biggest Financial Fears

financial fears

Money makes the world go round. At least that is how the song goes, but it can also be the cause of stress, arguments and sleepless nights. According to a recent study by Northwestern Mutual 85% of U.S. adults suffer from financial anxiety. Varo Money polled more than 1,000 U.S. adults and found that, while a […]

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Surprising Financial Concern — It isn’t Savings

financial concern, credit score, credit report

There is a lot of focus on the lack of emergency savings accounts and the fact that most Americans have failed to accumulate adequate savings. And yet, when asked what the biggest financial concern is; the answer is surprising. According to the Go Banking Accounts recent study, more than 70% of Americans are actually more […]

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Choose Your Bankruptcy Lawyer with Care

bankruptcy lawyer

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you will want to choose your bankruptcy lawyer with care. Case in point, the true story of Monty and Kelly and Allen and Laura: Monty and Kelly, husband and wife, brought a suit against Allen and Laura in state court and received a judgment for more than $850,000.00 […]

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What Parents Should Teach Children About Money

family budget

There is a big disconnect between what parents should be teaching their children about money and what children are actually learning. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” And, “If you want something, save your allowance.” These are classic quotes that Baby Boomers had drilled into their minds as young children. Times were simpler then. In 1965 […]

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Filing for Bankruptcy? Consult Your Attorney First

bankruptcy attorney

There are those that subscribe to the DIY (do it yourself) method of living; consulting YouTube to fix a plumbing leak, canning their own peaches or even filing for bankruptcy without the benefit of counsel. Following is an actual case history of one woman who filed for bankruptcy, the timing of which ended up COSTING […]

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Create a Realistic Family Budget

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family budget

Do you have a family budget? When times are tough, we tend to apply a knee-jerk reaction to our bill paying; we pay those creditors crying the loudest. While using this strategy may keep the phone from ringing, it isn’t a financial plan that is sustainable for the long haul. Not to mention the fact […]

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Start Saving with 5 Painless Tips

start saving

The answer to most questions about financial matters seems to be “start saving.” Be prepared for unexpected expenses like new tires, furnace repair or higher than expected utility bills: start saving for emergencies. Want to take a little vacation? Start saving. Worried about medical expenses? Start saving. But how do you start saving when you […]

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In Debt? You Might Consider a Side Hustle

side hustle, second job, cashier

If you are struggling to make ends meet, you might want to consider a side hustle to help. What is a side hustle? A side hustle is what your parents called a second job, however, with the advent of technology, some of those additional jobs can be done from home. In the article“How I Ended […]

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Do People File for Bankruptcy More than Once?


It doesn’t happen a lot, but yes, at Bankruptcy Advocates, we do see clients a second time. They come to us with a financial burden and we help them file for bankruptcy and then eight or nine years later they call us again. There are also different types of bankruptcy. Most common is Chapter 7 […]

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